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The Lens of Hope

In other words, being a Christian does not shield us from the human condition but rather only heightens these feelings and experiences.

The Gift of No

While I was certainly gripped with uncertainty, the solace of my ‘no’ meant a new openness to what God may invite me to.

Loving Like Christ in 2020

On the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, which is World Youth Sunday, the readings couldn’t be more perfect. We see in the first reading from...

Kamala, Ruth, and Naomi

“I’m speaking.” Hearing Kamala Harris have to repeat those words over and over as she was interrupted struck a deep chord in me and all...

This Filipina American Life

The month of October is a great reminder of wanting to celebrate my family’s history alongside my experience.

The Oldest Words Still Speak

Today's Readings The opening words of likely the earliest book of the New Testament are a wish for grace and peace to the hearer. If ever...

Passions Meet Needs

In June I helped out with a retreat. The virtual retreat gathered young adults over the course of a week to reflect on vocation and their...

Counting Down

We're getting closer to a full launch. Now you can subscribe so you can receive emails with updates on content - Sunday reflections and...

Sharing Wisdom

We are going to keep things fairly simple to start. Here's what you can expect: Reflections on the Sunday Mass readings. Posts on...

Keep in Mind

We are Catholic women. Each of us lives our faith through a wide variety of spiritualities, vocations, and faith practices. We recognize...


Ever have an idea that seems outrageous, too big, too much, but every time you set it aside, God sends you an emphatic nudge? Welcome to...

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