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Introducing Wisdom's Voice, an initiative within Wisdom's Dwelling where women reflect on the weekday readings with the purpose of listening more deeply to God's voice in the Hebrew Scriptures.

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February 1, 2023

Jessica reflects on the need for intentional discipline in our relationship with God.


Jessica reflects on our invitation to be imperfect but faithful believers.

Jessica asks us to reflect on how much we are giving to Jesus.

This week, Jessica reflects on Jesus' sharing in our humanity.

For our first week in the new year, Jessica asks us to consider a new New Year's Resolution.

In the depths of winter, Jessica reminds us to seek the light of God.

For the final Wednesday in Advent, as we get closer to Christmas, Jessica reminds us to continue to prepare our hearts, not just our homes.

For the third Wednesday in Advent, Jessica reflects on God as Creator of Justice and reminds us of our role in that as well.

For the second Wednesday in Advent, Jessica reflects on the importance of growing our relationship with God in our waiting.

For the first Wednesday in Advent, Jessica reflects on the hope found in this reading for the first century Christians and for us today.

Continuing to reflect on gratitude, Jessica reminds us to praise God in our small moments as well as our big moments.

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Editor and Content Creator - Wisdom's Voice

Jessica grew up attending church with her devoted Hispanic mother. This was the catalyst that started her journey of faith. By the time she entered high school, she found a curiosity and joy for the faith that led her to participate in Peacebuilders Initiative, a program that introduced theology and ministry to high school students, and eventually heard her call to pursue and receive a Master of Divinity from Catholic Theological Union. She is passionate about social justice, interreligious dialogue,, care for creation, scripture, preaching, and women's roles in the Church. Jessica currently accompanies young women at an all girls high school and is an adjunct college professor. She can often be found reading or crocheting in her spare time.

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