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Introducing Wisdom's Voice, an initiative within Wisdom's Dwelling where women reflect on the weekday readings with the purpose of listening more deeply to God's voice in the Hebrew Scriptures.



May 18, 2022

Jessica reflects on how being a Christian is less about rules and more about actions.


Jessica returns to the topic of vocation to discuss our universal call to holiness in light of the Acts of the Apostles.

Jessica reflects on what it means for us to live in Easter joy.

Jessica reflects on our Christian call to share God's love with the world.

Entering into the Easter season, Jessica asks us to consider how God often joyfully exceeds our expectations.

Jessica reflects on discerning our vocation as we enter into the Triduum and the Easter season.

Jessica reflects on the importance of trusting in God with today's reading from Daniel. She encourages us to return to our Lenten promises as we enter the last few weeks of Lent.

The Prophet Isaiah reminds us that God is always with us. Jessica reflects on this and considers how we should be as present for those in need.

In this third week of Lent, Jessica challenges us to reflect on what is keeping us from God so that we can spend more time growing our relationship with God.

In this second week of Lent, Jessica reflects on the power of our words and reminds us to strive for kindness.

This week, Jessica reflects on our three tasks of Lent in light of the first reading from the Book of Jonah and the current situation in Ukraine.

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As we begin the season of Lent, Jessica reflects on the inexhaustibility of God.

Jessica reflections on the importance of deeply listening when engaging in any conversation. She finds the words of James as instructive for how to properly engage in them.

This week, reflecting on the Queen of Sheba's visit with Solomon, Jessica invites us to find new ways to be breathless before God in our everyday lives.

This week, Jessica reflects on our sometimes frustrating role as God's messengers who don't often get to see the end result. She offers a prayer often attributed to St. Oscar Romero (though originally penned by Bishop Ken Untener) as a way to find consolation in our work. 

On the Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, Jessica reflects on generational faith and encourages us to have faith conversations with our own families.

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This week, Jessica, creator of Wisdom's Voice, reflects on 1 Samuel 17. She suggests that David offers a way for us to respond to doubt, both internally and externally.

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In this first reflection, Jessica, creator of Wisdom's voice, reflects on 1 Samuel 3, the lectionary reading for January 12. She considers the first time she recalls hearing God's voice in her life and aims to help us hear God's voice in our lives today.



Editor and Content Creator - Wisdom's Voice

Jessica grew up attending church with her devoted Hispanic mother. This was the catalyst that started her journey of faith. By the time she entered high school, she found a curiosity and joy for the faith that led her to participate in Peacebuilders Initiative, a program that introduced theology and ministry to high school students, and eventually heard her call to pursue and receive a Master of Divinity from Catholic Theological Union. She is passionate about social justice, interreligious dialogue,, care for creation, scripture, preaching, and women's roles in the Church. Jessica currently accompanies young women at an all girls high school and is an adjunct college professor. She can often be found reading or crocheting in her spare time.