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The Father, Almighty

In the Nicene Creed, we first profess faith in the first “person” of our Trinitarian God, God the Father, Almighty. According to the...

Though Many, One

Today's Readings Jessica discusses our call to uniting the Body of Christ.

What Does Deuteronomy say about Creation?

Land, law, and love - these are the three main themes in the Book of Deuteronomy - getting to the land, the law to stay in the land, and...

Honesty for the Poor

Today's Readings Throughout high school and college, my friends and I often repeated movie quotes to each other. As I read through...

A Fiery Woman: St. Hildegard

Towards the end of my graduate program, I had a requirement to fill and I chose to fill it with a course on Women and Christian...

One Not Many

One of my favorite sayings is “words matter.” The words we say - to other people, ourselves, and yes, even God - they really do matter....

Just Breathe

Today's Readings Jessica reminds us of the importance of taking a step back when our patience is tested.

Kinship with the Earth

A few months ago, as Chicago’s short-lived spring began to give way to the sunshiny freedom of summertime, I had the opportunity to write...

In Remembrance, Overwhelming Grace

Today's Readings I was interested in writing this piece because of this Sunday’s date, September 11, 2022. Twenty-one years after the...

Staying in the Present

Today's Readings Jessica reminds us to stay in the present as we answer our call from God.

Jesus Didn't

Today’s Readings Hate our fathers and mothers, spouses and children, even our own lives. And take up our crosses. These lines are often...

Patience is a Virtue

Today's Readings Jessica reminds us the importance of being patient with ourselves as we walk with God.

Building the New Church

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reflects on our opportunity to be a part of growth and change in the Church.

Cutting Threads in a World of Gray

Today’s Readings The readings today are a mixed bag. At some points the words offer comfort and hope. At others the warn of wailing and...

When our leaders fall

Today's Readings Jessica encourages us to use our voices to stand against injustices, in light of today's first reading.

Too Much

Today's Readings Like most little kids, when I was small, I often parrotted back words and phrases that the adults in my world used...

A Glimpse of the Divine

Perhaps like me, you are always searching for glimpses of hope, of joy, of belief that point to the Divine Presence in the ordinary days....

What can you give?

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on today's reading, keeping in mind the feast of St. Lawrence, encouraging us to be generous, just as...

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