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(Re)turn to God

Today's Readings As we begin Lent, Jessica reminds us to turn to God with our joys and our worries.

Proclaiming Truth in Troubled Times

...Who has spoken through the prophets... One of the things that I love most about the Christian tradition is that there have been many...

Rend Your Hearts

Today's Readings This week Jessica reflects on the Prophet Joel's words to "rend our hearts, not our garments".

Living in the Ordinary

Today's Readings With one week left until Lent begins, Jessica reminds us to live in the ordinary moments.

The Space Between

Today's Readings If I’m honest, when I first read today’s collection of Scripture, I felt pretty overwhelmed. There are so many stark...

The Breath of God

Today's Readings This week, Jessica invites us to consider how each of us has God's breath within us.

Putting in the Work

Today's Readings For a short Gospel reading, we have quite a few metaphors explaining who we are meant to be as disciples of Christ....

Keeping Up with God

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on the need for intentional discipline in our relationship with God.

Extra-Ordinary Time

Ironically, it feels that it is almost always in my most ordinary moments, that I find the most extraordinary things. I want to take deep...

God of the Upside Down

Today's Readings When was the last time you looked at something upside down? If I’m being honest, for me it was probably checking the...

Doubt and Faith

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on our invitation to be imperfect but faithful believers.

Jesus needed self-care (and so do I)!

The past few years, I have really been exploring the concept of self-care in both spiritual direction and in therapy. Self-care does not...

Fear and Light

Today's Readings “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone....

A Tenth of Everything

Today's Readings Jessica asks us to reflect on how much we are giving to Jesus.

Be with Me

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reflects on Jesus' sharing in our humanity.

Loving Our Neighbor

Today's Readings For our first week in the new year, Jessica asks us to consider a new New Year's Resolution.

Winter's Darkness

Today's Readings In the depths of winter, Jessica reminds us to seek the light of God.

Hearts and Homes

Today's Readings For the final Wednesday in Advent, as we get closer to Christmas, Jessica reminds us to continue to prepare our hearts,...

Living the Scripture

“In accordance with the Scriptures” Our Creed is steeped in Scripture. We’ve seen scriptural references in some of our reflections, so...

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