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Love Forever Being Born

In November of 2022, I found myself silently weeping in the lobby of the University of Chicago Hospital, having just concluded my 38th...

A Blessed Christmas

May today be what it was meant to be, a gift. Today we celebrate, as plenty of hymns, carols, and even songs on the radio remind us, the...

Our Way to Joy

Today's Readings It took me a few rounds with the readings today. They just weren’t landing on my heart the way I hope Scripture always...

Seeking Joy

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on the opportunity to find and create joy amidst the ordinary.

We Can Hold Both

Today's Readings As a woman in my mid-thirties, I am surrounded by friendships with women who are at all different places when it comes...

What is Joy?

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on what it means for us to live in Easter joy.

Exceeding Expectations - Wisdom's Voice

Today's Readings Entering into the Easter season, Jessica asks us to consider how God often joyfully exceeds our expectations.

Seek the Joy in the Desert

Today's Readings Our world feels broken. The brokenness across the globe - the weight of the pandemic, of increasing prices, war across...

The Power of Joyful Music

When I look into the eyes of my youngest niece, Cecelia (Or Cece as my family likes to call her), I can’t help but think of the church's...

Boundaries, please!

In March 2020, I was teaching third grade in suburban Chicago. On Friday, March 13th, we were given directions to send home belongings...

The Joy of the Perfect Summer Blockbuster

Every year I have a 4th of July tradition. I grab a soda, some popcorn (properly popped on the stove), and, if I’m thinking ahead some...

Transformative Joy

Today’s Readings In those halcyon days pre-Covid, my office did the gifts inventory process to help us learn about one another and...

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