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  • Writer's pictureJennifer Delvaux

A Blessed Christmas

May today be what it was meant to be, a gift. Today we celebrate, as plenty of hymns, carols, and even songs on the radio remind us, the greatest of gifts - the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I've wondered why a baby? Why that time? Why that place? Why a time when insecure rulers would retaliate against a birth of one child with infanticie? Why in a place that was ruled by a harsh, oppressive, occupying force? Why such a risky birth to a mother without her network of women to support her? Why a birth away from loved ones, away from anyone really, in that manger?

There was nothing about the birth of Emmanuel, God with Us, that makes any first.

It is there in his name which we can finally make sense of the utterly illogical way that God chose to become like us. Emmanuel. God with Us.

Jesus came into the world in a way that shows God know and understands what it is like for a person when they are helpless, God knows what it is to be part of a family (and all that brings). God knows what it is to be an outcast, oppressed, a refugee. God knows how difficult it is to make one's way in the world without help, without the support of love and acceptance that each of us deserves. God knows.

Today, I hope your day is blessed. I hope that it is exactly what sort of Christmas Day you wish it to be. What you need it to be.

If it is not, I offer these small words of comfort and peace. Jesus, Emmanuel, God with Us, knows exactly how you feel. Emmanuel knows you. Knows your challenges, hurts and struggles. Emmanuel is with you.

No matter what today holds for you, may you more fully feel, know, and experience the love of God. For you are deeply, profoundly, and forever loved by the God who is with us.

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