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  • Writer's pictureSara Ann Conneely

The Advent Pilgrimage

As we begin the Advent season, I offer a bit of poetry and a bit of a prayer. Reflecting on preparation for Christmas, I was inspired by the glow of the Advent wreath. The symbol of each candle reminds us that we aspire to live like Christ with hope, faith, joy, and peace.

The warmth and welcome of the shimmering flame

Offering a gentle calm that feels particular to this time

Of the anticipation that overwhelms

At the onset of a new journey

Sensations of the sacred spark speak softly, slowly

Wandering through time and space

Across the intertwined crown of pine and branch

Looped in everlasting rings of spring

Patience and potential for the light of a new dawn

Awaiting hearts of stone returned to life and love

With anticipation for sun and Son

Forward facing toward arms outstretched

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