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Like a Pomegranate 

Burst–like a pomegranate, like a womb, like the tomb / my neat and tidy boundaries crack wide / the seams of my heart split and seep joy

In Collaboration with Creation

Today's Readings The seed that falls in the fertile field, Under joy and showers, good fruit it will yield. The Word goes forth from the...

A Spiritual Breath

What does it mean to take a spiritual breath? To breathe in the Divine God, To whisper Their name into the noise of our lives? To make...

Quiet Little Town

Quiet little town, silent starry night; The manger waits in joyful expectancy. Nobody knew the gift they’d receive Just by answering the...

An Advent Hymn

(To the tune of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas) Have yourself a hopeful little Advent Allow your heart to ponder Mary knows our...

How Long, O Lord?

An Advent Conversation with Psalm 34 I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. How long between David’s prayer and God’s answer? How long...

The Advent Pilgrimage

As we begin the Advent season, I offer a bit of poetry and a bit of a prayer. Reflecting on preparation for Christmas, I was inspired by...

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