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  • Writer's pictureMary Beth Keenan

An Advent Hymn

(To the tune of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)

Have yourself a hopeful little Advent

Allow your heart to ponder

Mary knows our troubles, she won’t let us wander

Have yourself a peaceful little Advent

Pray that the waiting be calm

Jesus knows our troubles, He will be a balm

Come again, as in early days

Baby Jesus enter our door

Emmanuel, you are dear to us

Please be near to us once more

One day soon we can celebrate Christmas

The manger will hold him

Until then, we'll have to wait and pray with Mary

So have yourself a joyful little Advent hymn


Mary Beth seeks the glory of God in all of creation, especially wildflowers. Follow her on Instagram for more reflections on mental health, motherhood, and caring for creation.

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