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Make Me a Prophet

The mountain village of Ein Karem, southwest of Jerusalem, is the location of two churches in the Holy Land: The Church of the Visitation...

Adorning the Sanctuaries of our Savior

For the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore As released white rose petals melt from on high, More than our eyes look up to the sky. Needs...

The Milk Grotto

Today's Readings We left the Church of the Nativity and stepped out into the bright sunshine. It was a few minute walk through winding,...

The pilgrimage of Advent

A couple of days before I departed for a pilgrimage to the holy land, I got around to reading the paperwork they sent. One of the pieces...

The Advent Pilgrimage

As we begin the Advent season, I offer a bit of poetry and a bit of a prayer. Reflecting on preparation for Christmas, I was inspired by...

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