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Adjusting Expectations

As someone 2,000+ years removed from Christ’s death and resurrection, I can find it easy to chuckle at the apostles’ lack of...

Keeping the Light On

One of my favorite non-Christian theological songs is “Light On,” by Maggies Rogers. When I attended my first silent retreat in January,...

We've Gotta Feel

Today's Readings This week, Jessica invites us to invite God into our feelings, especially sadness and grief.

The Stuff of Life

Today's Readings As a non-Catholic Christian who frequently attends Mass, I am often fascinated by the chosen pairing of the Scriptures....

Seek God First

Today's Readings Jessica invites us to respond to God's invitation to seek out God everyday.

Be the Change

Today's Readings Reflecting on the growing of the Church in Acts, Jessica encourages us to be a part of the change in the Church today.

See Jesus

Today's Readings This week, Jessica invites us to find Jesus in everyone we meet.

There Was Great Joy

Today's Readings Reflecting on our challenging world, Jessica invites us to create joy wherever we go.

This (Christian) Life

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reflects on our opportunity to share all about "this life" - the life we are called to by Jesus.


Today's Scripture For our first week in Easter, Jessica reflects on our Christian call to recognize the unseen.

Let There Be Light

Today's Readings There is nothing quite like celebrating Easter by attending the Easter Vigil! The lighting of fire in the dark and the...

Keeping Christ

…and rose again on the third day… On the day that is just about perfectly in the middle of Advent, it seems odd to be reflecting on what...

Giving and Receiving

Today's Readings This week, in light of Paul and Jesus' words, Jessica invites us to give what we can in the fight for justice.

A Letter to a Hurting World

Today's Readings As I sit here writing this devotion for the 7th Sunday of Easter, my heart is again troubled as our world suffers at the...

God Is Near

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on Paul's preaching about God. We all have moments when we feel farther from God than others. But God...

Joy to the World

Today's Readings Jesus never promised that it would be easy to follow His commandments. In fact, a brief glance at the first reading for...

We are holiness

Today's Readings Jessica returns to the topic of vocation to discuss our universal call to holiness in light of the Acts of the Apostles.

What is Joy?

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on what it means for us to live in Easter joy.

Our Call - Wisdom's Voice

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on our Christian call to share God's love with the world.

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