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In a Shipwreck

As I watched the events unfold yesterday afternoon and evening, it was tempting to say how surprising they were, how shocking, how...

2020 as the Year of Many “Firsts”

I asked my sister, “Hey how will you remember 2020?” Her reply, “No words.” I brushed her answer off and naturally saw it as sarcasm. But...

Rest for the Weary

As I write this reflection on Wednesday evening, ballots are still being counted and no winner in our Presidential election is apparent....

No Matter What This Day Brings

It is unusual to wake up on a day and know that it is going to be historic. Usually these sorts of days happen upon us, appearing...

Kamala, Ruth, and Naomi

“I’m speaking.” Hearing Kamala Harris have to repeat those words over and over as she was interrupted struck a deep chord in me and all...

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