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Searching for Hope

A sign. As continue living through this pandemic. With a winter that is daily adding pain and suffering. We enter in to Lent looking for a sign.

Today is only the first Sunday of Lent. Normally I love Lent. It is an opportunity to truly return to God and improve on spiritual practices that perhaps slacked over time. Normally I look forward to prayer services, Masses with coworkers at the Pastoral Center, time in silent reflection at home. Normally there are fish fries and lunch time walks on days of fasting. Normally I build my little Rice Bowl and follow along with their chart. About the only normal thing is I’m still trying their new recipes.

Yet another wave reminding us of all that we do not have.

With the additional suffering of so many in Texas and other areas hit hard by unseasonable winter weather and lack of access to basic necessities, this Lent feels more like Noah’s unending horizon of a storm-tossed flood.

A sign. Finally, there was a moment when the dove didn’t return. When Noah knew there was a change, there was hope. We feel that too as the vaccine begins to be distributed a bit more widely. We feel that as a few more people get power turned back on in Texas. The journey is not over yet, but we have a glimmer of hope. A sign.

God put the rainbow in the sky as a promise – a sign of the covenant with all humans. We are God’s people. The Lord is our God. Jesus walked the desert, but Mark reminds us the angels ministered to him. We may feel alone or abandoned, but our God is with us. Angels minister to us.

I invite you today, not to listen to me share a story of the rainbows and angels in my life. Rather, I ask that you take a few minutes and talk with God. Where are the rainbows in your life? Where are the moments that have brought you joy or peace, no matter how fleeting? If you have not experienced those rainbows recently, share with God your feelings. Sit in silence, listening, open to what God may reply to you.

Take time this week to think of the angels in your life. Those individuals, who in actions small and large, minister to you and speak God’s love to you. If you are able and comfortable, share with these individuals how they have helped you through your desert places. Again, if you cannot think of any, that’s fine. Talk with God about this, share your feelings. Listen.

My prayer for you this week is that you may see the rainbows and encounter God, even in the flood.

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