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Prayers for Afghanistan & Haiti

As I was getting groceries after Mass, the news alert popped up that the President of Afghanistan has left his country. It is a sign that the government is, or has, collapsed as the Taliban move into control again. For many of us we cannot fathom what this is doing to the men, women, and children of that nation. The unimaginable fear, insecurity, and danger that they are plummeting into.

Today as we celebrate the Assumption of Mary, may we turn to her asking for her prayers and protection for the people of Afghanistan. May we especially pray for the women and girls, our sisters. We pray for the intercession of Mary, who knows what it is to be a refugee, to flee to protect the life of her child. We pray for the intercession of Joseph, who with his wife, had to make hard choices and endure unimaginable hardships. We pray to God, Jesus Christ, who when completely vulnerable as a child, faced potential death, flight from his homeland, and whose immense power and love endures and triumphs to keep these people of Afghanistan, our brothers and sisters, in the palm of his hand.

As the day has continued on, more news is coming from Haiti as the death toll climbs there from yesterday's earthquake. May we keep in our prayers the people of Haiti as they search for survivors, recover lost loved ones, and seek the basic necessities of life in the wake of the devastation. May the Spirit grant them strength and endurance.

May we not simply lift up our prayers, but also advocate for the policies and support these people need. There are many better than I to share this. I encourage you to look to organizations like Catholic Relief Services. If you have ideas of other organizations, please share in the comments.

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