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In Collaboration with Creation

Today's Readings The seed that falls in the fertile field, Under joy and showers, good fruit it will yield. The Word goes forth from the...


Today's Readings Jessica encourages us to see Joseph as a model of Forgiveness.

The Gentle Mastery of Christ

Today's Readings Gentleness. Isn’t it true that we all long to be treated gently? Isn’t gentleness what we’re searching for when we rush...

When Singing of God’s Kindness is Hard

Today's Readings A few years ago I would have rolled my eyes at a Psalm like today’s. Wading through deep bouts of chronic depression and...

Pride Month?

It’s the end of June 2023, and PRIDE month ended. I expect if you’re reading Wisdom's Dwelling, you’re already someone who recognizes...

A Time to Recommit

Today's Readings Today's scripture returns us to the first covenant and Jessica offers it as an opportunity to recommit to our own.

Enrich Me, Oh God

Today's Readings Jessica invites us to keep nourishing and enriching the gifts that God has given us.

Like a Shepherd

Today's Readings Jesus is the Good Shepherd - this idea for Christ is warm, welcoming, and unwavering. Jesus as the Good Shepherd...

God Hears

Today's Readings Jessica reminds us today that God hears us, always.

The Mights of LGBTQ+ Students

I have had the great joy of working to support LGBTQ+ young people in a variety of faith-affiliated spaces over the past few years. I am...

The “both/and” of the Eucharist

Today's Readings I have been a part of a variety of different Catholic communities in my lifetime, and each of them has placed a slightly...

To Act Boldly

Today's Readings Today, Paul's writing to the Corinthians reminds us to be confident in what we are given from God and to act boldly.

A Prayer for Pride Month

Spirit of Truth and Love, We honor our brothers, sisters, and siblings who find their identity outside of the boxes so often used to...

In the Beginning was the Conversation

Today's Readings As a high school theology teacher, I often find myself in the midst of unexpected conversations. I will have my plans...

Speaking with Joy

Feast of the Visitation It is an intimate thing to tell someone you’re pregnant. Whatever road you took to find you are pregnant, it can...

Mother Mary

Today's Readings Jessica invites us to remember Mary as our intercessor.

Joan of Arc and staying the course

We all know Joan of Arc. She was a 15th Century French woman who came to lead an army to many victories in spite of being a woman. She...

Prayer - Not the Only Treatment

We are so relieved to hear about the lifting of those final restrictions related to the COVID-19 epidemic that we often forget about...

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