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Caught in the Web

I have a MA in Systematic Theology. There was a moment early on where a reality of theology hit me. My professor was walking through the...

Sharing the Good News

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on our daily opportunity to be like Paul and Timothy.

Faithfulness not Success

As a little girl, I was a bit of an odd child. I had a slight fascination with Mother Teresa. One of my earliest memories of playing at...

Be a Lifelong Learner

Today's Readings One of the greatest gifts of being a lover of books and good words, is the constant invitation to learn and grow. Books...

The Word Within You

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reminds to allow God to work through us.

An Ordinary Sunday

Today's Readings So here we are at the seemingly benign Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time. So many major holidays of the church have...

Sounds of Silence

Today's Readings Jessica reminds us to take time in silence with God.

Throw Me a Bone

Today's Readings I am learning to dig deeply into the places that hurt The Canaanite woman knows she is not of Jesus’ people and yet she...

Watering Seeds

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reflects on some joys and challenges of teaching.

To Hear and Bear the Word

The Gospel for the vigil mass of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is only a few lines from Luke, chapter 11,...

Taking a Leap to See Jesus

Today's Readings Today’s gospel sets the scene of the disciples at sea braving a harsh night. Imagine huge waves crashing into your boat...

Celebrating Saint Clare’s Individuality

I came to know of Saint Clare of Assisi through Saint Francis. I have always been drawn to nature, the call of simple living resonates,...

Daily Gratitude

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reminds us to be grateful for everything in our lives.

Taking Time on the Mountaintop

Today's Readings Today’s gospel, the Transfiguration, transports me back in time to the hollers and hills of West Virginia…to Nazareth...

Adorning the Sanctuaries of our Savior

For the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore As released white rose petals melt from on high, More than our eyes look up to the sky. Needs...

Seeing the Face of God

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on how we can get Moses' "radiant skin".

Rightly Ordered

Today's Readings I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately. Almost every night, I’ve been dreaming about people from throughout my life...

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