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Mary's Faith in God

If someone were to ask me who I most looked up to throughout Scripture, although very difficult to answer as I look up to a lot of them, Mary, Jesus’s Mother would be my first pick. Mary’s faith in God and the way she loved her son is something that has struck my heart over and over again. My Confirmation name also relates to Mary because I wanted Mary to always be a part of the deepest parts of my heart and soul. Today, (on the Octave of Christmas) we are reminded of the role that Mary played in the plan for our salvation. In Luke’s Gospel reading today, it shows the beauty and humility that Mary is showing to the entire world.

Our first glimpse of Mary is in the Old Testament when she is foreshadowed as being the future tabernacle of Jesus so he could live among the people. Then we see Mary as a teenager about to be married to Joseph when the Angel came to her telling her about Jesus. Mary’s “yes” to the Angel and to God's plan changed the entire world. Mary’s yes was spoken without hesitation, second thought or questioning. Mary’s complete sacrifice gives a glimpse to the world on how to love, honor, and have devotion to her son. Wives, mothers, friends, single women, husbands, and those preparing for marriage can all look to Mary as she was the greatest example in all things that bring glory to God and honor him to the fullest.

Looking back on a writing piece I did in Seminary relating to Mary and the world, I’d like to leave you with these thoughts...

If you want to model your life after Mary’s so that everything you do brings honor and glory to God, be prepared to be used by God. His way is the best way even if his plan doesn’t match up with our own. (Remember Mary was poor, had a very low social status, was unmarried, a “nobody” in her community, but God didn’t care about that. He chose Mary out of everyone to change the world.)

Put your faith in God... Everything in the world will scream and manipulate you into thinking that living a life without God is the best life. Put your faith in money, status, and materials. That life may be happy for a second but will cause a lifetime of pain. Lastly, live your life as a servant to the Lord. Leaving everything behind and becoming a servant to God so he can use you to serve others. Yes, it will be hard. You may lose friends, jobs, and status, but you will be filled with more joy, happiness and peace because you are living a life for God and not the world. Mary didn’t know what was going to happen, yet her faith, trust and yes to God changed the world... Your faith, trust and yes to God just could change the world too!

May this year be full of joy, peace, happiness and love for you and your family!


Just a note, January 1st is both Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and World Day of Peace. Both are worth reflecting upon. We are sharing this reflection on Mary today with a post on World Day of Peace tomorrow.

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