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Be a Lifelong Learner

One of the greatest gifts of being a lover of books and good words, is the constant invitation to learn and grow. Books teach me about people, ideas, perspectives, and cultures very different from my own. Reading a wide array of books is a simple way to be a lifelong learner - to realize how much I really don’t know, which then is a reminder to stay open, teachable - to be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

This portion of the second reading, Saint Paul is writing to the early Christian community in Rome - these verses are perhaps some of the most well known words from this particular Pauline letter.

Paul is challenging the Christian community to not look like the pagan culture of his time - he calls them onward to look and live in a different manner. One that is formed by radical love, generous service, and true sincerity of heart.

Transformation, as the second reading states, leads to the renewal of one’s mind. You (hopefully) become a better, more loving, wiser, kinder, thoughtful version of yourself. When we become these better versions of ourselves, I think we are (in small ways) more fully who God created us to be.

I remember as a child sometimes hearing my paternal grandmother (anyone else have an Irish grandmother who had lots of wisdom sayings?) say, “if you aren’t always learning and growing, then what are you even doing with your life?” Well said Grandma, well said.

What about you today, right now in your own life? Where are you being invited to learn, grow, to transform more into who God created you to be?

Be a lifelong learner. Be a person who is open to growing and transforming into a new version of yourself.

It is through God’s transformed daughters and sons that will help transform the world with more love, justice, compassion, and grace.

Let’s get to work.


When not working in healthcare or writing, you can find Patty getting stronger at CrossFit, reading good books, and loving on her godchildren, niece, and nephew. She loves deep conversations at the intersection of faith, culture and ministry and using the art of storytelling to connect to people's hearts. Follow her Instagram here.

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