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On Being Wise

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on the importance of knowing and acting in wisdom.

I am not Martha or Mary

I have never been a big fan of the Martha and Mary story. There is certainly a reactionary bit on my part. There are enough places and...

Not Counted

Today's Readings On this occasion of Father’s Day, we are blessed to be hearing what I feel is one of the truly great miracles of...

Of Perpetua and Women’s Bravery

In the decade since I became Catholic and took Saint Perpetua as my patroness and Confirmation name, I have celebrated this feast day...

Why Are We Here?

Last week I took a vacation from work. I spent it immersed in reviewing years of study and sequestered in a lovely room in my school’s...

The Patron Saint of Sassy Women

A game I like to play with people sometimes is asking the following question: “If you could be the patron saint of anything, what would...

Call Me Ezer

I find that most people are confused by me. “Hold on, you’re a Catholic campus minister,” they reply after I’ve introduced myself, “and...

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