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Drawn by Love to Love

Looking back on my earliest school years, I recall well a few bouts of serious separation anxiety. Despite my love of learning and my...

Let There Be Light

Today's Readings There is nothing quite like celebrating Easter by attending the Easter Vigil! The lighting of fire in the dark and the...

The Lord is my help

Today's Readings As we continue Holy Week, Jessica reflects on how we must use the gifts we have been given from God.

Keep Bringing Hope

Today's Readings Reflecting on today's reading from the Book of Daniel, Jessica reminds us to consider our own abilities to bring hope...

Jesus Wept for He Knew Friendship

Today's Readings The story of Lazarus is a long one. In terms of Gospels, it is an in-depth examination of personal relationships, an...

Mom, Momma, Madre

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reflects on the prophet Isaiah's invitation to see God as our mother.

Reset (Again)

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on our opportunity to continuously reset our Lenten practices.


Today's Readings This week, Jessica encourages us to pay attention to the words we use about others and ourselves.

(Re)turn to God

Today's Readings As we begin Lent, Jessica reminds us to turn to God with our joys and our worries.

Encountering Jesus in the Desert

Today's Readings Today is the first Sunday of Lent. Living in the Midwest, I appreciate how the Lenten season corresponds with the end of...

Rend Your Hearts

Today's Readings This week Jessica reflects on the Prophet Joel's words to "rend our hearts, not our garments".

Rolling Down the Hill

During Holy Week 2021, I participated from a distance in my parish’s annual Stations of the Cross service. Afterwards, I found myself...

Heart Journey

Today's Readings “Crucify him! Crucify him!” When I was young, I attended Catholic grade school in Chicago. For the most part, I really...

Holy Week and Our Vocations

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on discerning our vocation as we enter into the Triduum and the Easter season.

Like a Butterfly, part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday's piece from Rachel. In my mom’s words to me about a year before her passing (as quoted in...

Like a Butterfly, part 1

Today is part one of a two-piece series. Look for part two tomorrow. This January marked eight years since my mom passed away. I think...

Enter into the Mystery

Today's Readings I got my love of reading from my mom. Growing up each night before bed, we would read together. Usually for about 30...

Trust in God's Will

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on the importance of trusting in God with today's reading from Daniel. She encourages us to return to...

Seek the Joy in the Desert

Today's Readings Our world feels broken. The brokenness across the globe - the weight of the pandemic, of increasing prices, war across...

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