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A Chorus of "No's"

I haven’t been back to Mass yet. Like most people, my family and I stopped attending Mass in person two years ago when the pandemic first...

Heart Journey

Today's Readings “Crucify him! Crucify him!” When I was young, I attended Catholic grade school in Chicago. For the most part, I really...

Holy Week and Our Vocations

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on discerning our vocation as we enter into the Triduum and the Easter season.

Like a Butterfly, part 1

Today is part one of a two-piece series. Look for part two tomorrow. This January marked eight years since my mom passed away. I think...

Enter into the Mystery

Today's Readings I got my love of reading from my mom. Growing up each night before bed, we would read together. Usually for about 30...


We were greeters at our own wedding. When I first talked about it with my parents, they weren’t thrilled. The bride and groom don’t...

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