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  • Writer's pictureJessica Curbis

Wait and Seek

We are so close to Advent we can practically smell it. Our readings today make that very clear. Even though we are still a few weeks out, our Gospel reading reminds us that we are to be prepared, to be ready, awake, with all the oil needed for our lamps to stay awake. Maybe today that means a fully charged phone (currently at 37%, oops). Perhaps, though, it refers to our inner fire. We are to keep it hot and blazing for the Lord, because as our many generations have discovered, we don’t know yet when the Second Coming will happen, when Jesus will return. So, we have to keep our fires lit, ready and waiting for it whenever that happens. What keeps those inner fires lit isn’t oil of course, but prayer, Scripture reading, Mass, service to others. All of it will keep us ready as we wait.

But, the one thing we don’t have to wait for is wisdom. Our first reading from the Book of Wisdom tells us that wisdom is ready and waiting for us, for those who are seeking her. She even appears herself to those who are worthy. How do we get worthy? Well, that is what the genre of Wisdom Literature discusses. But really, it’s the whole Bible. Quite simply someone who is worthy is one who lives a life that the Scriptures discuss - someone who follows the Law and follows God. Even more simply, as our Letter to the Romans reminded us a few weeks ago, “Love is the fulfillment of the Law” (Romans 13:10b). “All” we have to do is love. Can we always be perfect at this? No. And I wouldn’t even say we can be perfect at this at all (humanity and perfection are not synonymous, try as I might). But that’s why we have wisdom. Wisdom is our guide on this journey. And she’s always there for us. She seeks us. She makes herself known to us. We just have to want to find her. It’s almost like the Room of Requirement, except instead of a room with everything we need, we get a guide who leads us to living a Good Life. Not to mention that following wisdom will prepare us, will keep our hearts ablaze, as we wait for Jesus to come again.

As an aside too, in reference to our namesake, if you aren’t already aware, you may have noticed that wisdom is referred to in the feminine. The beauty I see and joy I feel when reading “she” & “her” in the Bible in reference to this powerful force is indescribable. As we struggle with the patriarchal overtones that are often present in reference to God, we can always turn to Wisdom. Wisdom is the divine feminine working through everything, guiding us (and everything) through life. Let us pray that wisdom guides us in her feminine divine power through her presence and persistence. May she be our companion as we act in waiting.

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