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  • Writer's pictureKathleen O'Brien

Taking a Leap to See Jesus

Today’s gospel sets the scene of the disciples at sea braving a harsh night. Imagine huge waves crashing into your boat with high gust winds tossing and turning the boat every which way. Your emotions would probably be one of disorientation and desperation with a yearning to just get back to shore.

In the middle of all this chaos, Jesus decides to appear to them. The first thing to note is why of all the times does Jesus appear to them now during such chaos? Couldn’t Jesus have at least waited until they were back at shore when things calmed down a bit? Then the disciples probably would have had a better chance of recognizing him. The fact that Jesus comes to the disciples during a time of distress is telling.

When Jesus appears to them, Peter doesn’t recognize Jesus. And I don’t blame Peter. I think many of us wouldn’t either when we are just so focused on getting back to shore alive. Often during times of high stress it is harder to recognize our Lord. And like Peter, to really make sure Jesus is there during challenging times, we test him. We might say, “If you’re really there, then you will relieve me of my suffering” or “If you really are God then you will answer this prayer.” But we have to trust that we can only know Jesus is there when we take a leap out of the boat. It’s by taking that risk that we see Jesus more clearly in our lives. Where is Jesus calling you to take a leap out of the boat?

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