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On Kindness

Today's Readings In this second week of Lent, Jessica reflects on the power of our words and reminds us to strive for kindness.

Wisdom's Voice - Ash Wednesday

Today's Readings As we begin the season of Lent, Jessica reflects on the inexhaustibility of God.

Wisdom's Voice - Deep Listening

Today's Readings Jessica reflections on the importance of deeply listening when engaging in any conversation. She finds the words of...

Wisdom's Voice - Ss. Timothy & Titus

Today's Readings On the Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, Jessica reflects on generational faith and encourages us to have faith...

Wisdom's Voice - Responding to Doubt

Today's Readings This week, Jessica, creator of Wisdom's voice, reflects on 1 Samuel 17. She suggests that David offers a way for us to...

Introducing Wisdom's Voice

Introducing Wisdom's Voice, an initiative within Wisdom's Dwelling where women reflect on the weekday readings with the purpose of...