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We've Gotta Feel

Today's Readings This week, Jessica invites us to invite God into our feelings, especially sadness and grief.

Seek God First

Today's Readings Jessica invites us to respond to God's invitation to seek out God everyday.

Be the Change

Today's Readings Reflecting on the growing of the Church in Acts, Jessica encourages us to be a part of the change in the Church today.

See Jesus

Today's Readings This week, Jessica invites us to find Jesus in everyone we meet.

The Threshold

Today's Readings Today’s readings seem to be so clearly following a theme and pattern. Especially when considering the Psalm (“The Lord...

There Was Great Joy

Today's Readings Reflecting on our challenging world, Jessica invites us to create joy wherever we go.

Discovering our Burning Hearts

Today's Readings In high school, I attended a program sponsored by the local Catholic diocese called Young Christians at Work. The...

This (Christian) Life

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reflects on our opportunity to share all about "this life" - the life we are called to by Jesus.


Today's Scripture For our first week in Easter, Jessica reflects on our Christian call to recognize the unseen.

The Day the Sky Turned Dark

Today's Readings Good Friday has always seemed to me anything but good. The day the Son of God died, the day the sky turned dark, the day...

The Lord is my help

Today's Readings As we continue Holy Week, Jessica reflects on how we must use the gifts we have been given from God.

Finding Calm in the Midst of a Storm

Today's Readings In my first few years of motherhood, I’ve learned that one of the most important things you can do during a child’s...

Keep Bringing Hope

Today's Readings Reflecting on today's reading from the Book of Daniel, Jessica reminds us to consider our own abilities to bring hope...

Rahab of Jericho

In my office, I have a framed picture called, The Four, by Tricia Robinson. It depicts the four women mentioned in Matthew's genealogy of...

Mom, Momma, Madre

Today's Readings This week, Jessica reflects on the prophet Isaiah's invitation to see God as our mother.

Who have we discounted?

Today's Readings In the readings for today, we see stories of people who have been discounted. In the first reading, Samuel is sent by...

Reset (Again)

Today's Readings Jessica reflects on our opportunity to continuously reset our Lenten practices.

Where Are The Women Leaders?

Where are the women leaders? I know I’m far from the first to wonder that as I read through the Bible (or take even a brief glimpse at...


Today's Readings This week, Jessica encourages us to pay attention to the words we use about others and ourselves.

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