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She Who Grieves

Mary is a woman who has known grief. Certainly as a mother, her own child was killed. But also just as a woman.

Adjusting Expectations

As someone 2,000+ years removed from Christ’s death and resurrection, I can find it easy to chuckle at the apostles’ lack of...

The Gift of Choices

The miracles of Jesus served many purposes; of course, they were service to those who most needed healing, but they also supported Jesus’...

Throw Me a Bone

Today's Readings I am learning to dig deeply into the places that hurt The Canaanite woman knows she is not of Jesus’ people and yet she...

Rahab of Jericho

In my office, I have a framed picture called, The Four, by Tricia Robinson. It depicts the four women mentioned in Matthew's genealogy of...

Living the Scripture

“In accordance with the Scriptures” Our Creed is steeped in Scripture. We’ve seen scriptural references in some of our reflections, so...

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