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In the Beginning was the Conversation

Today's Readings As a high school theology teacher, I often find myself in the midst of unexpected conversations. I will have my plans...

The Breath of God

Today's Readings This week, Jessica invites us to consider how each of us has God's breath within us.

Made Good

..."through him all things were made"... Reflecting on our next line in the Creed, “through Him all things were made”, it is interesting...

What Does Deuteronomy say about Creation?

Land, law, and love - these are the three main themes in the Book of Deuteronomy - getting to the land, the law to stay in the land, and...

Kinship with the Earth

A few months ago, as Chicago’s short-lived spring began to give way to the sunshiny freedom of summertime, I had the opportunity to write...

Women, Earth, and Creator Spirit

Today's Readings Today we celebrate Pentecost, when the breath of the Spirit flowed through Jesus’ friends and empowered them to bring...

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