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Time to Stop

Today's Readings

This striking scripture passage is often very fitting for those who live in a rich country like the United States. By and large, many Americans enjoy the luxury of a “bountiful harvest” (although the gap between the rich and poor and race often alter the conception of wealth in America). So often this passage is used to call out the American lifestyle where one can acquire many possessions.

In the parable, when and how does the rich man stop and ask a question about his riches? It’s when he comes to the point where he doesn’t have any more space to store all his harvest. In other words, it’s when he gets to the point where he has too much that he finally stops and reflects on the problem of having too much.

In many ways, the scripture passage challenges all of us to not just stop and reflect when it’s too late. Instead, Christians are called to continually evaluate our life and how we are living it. We can’t just stop and think about our life when we finally have the time or get to our breaking point. Jesus in this parable calls us to stop and reflect everyday so that we can experience the treasures of God’s gift of life here.

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