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  • Writer's pictureJessica Grima

The Saint of Light

As we continue to prepare our hearts and homes to enter into the Christmas season to celebrate Christ, who brought light into a dark world, and salvation to all who believe, I am reminded once again how we can be a light in our dark world. Today is not just any other day, it is a beautiful reminder of the sacrifices and courage that St. Lucy stood for in her short life. The name Lucy also refers to the term “light.” Today on the feast day of St. Lucy we are reminded of the light that is to come. Lucy’s feast day has been associated with light because when she became a young martyr at the hands of her persecutors, she was blinded, but then her eyesight was restored. Today is also a great reminder for all of us, that if we have been going through the last few weeks with an empty tank, and blurry eyes, we need to take a step back, open our eyes toward the light, and open our arms to a God who is just waiting to be let in. We also need to take a step back and reflect on how we have been a light to those whom we live by, work with, and encounter in our everyday life. If our light has been dimmed by our own selfishness or by the choices of others, how can we turn that darkness into a shining light so it draws people to be a little more forgiving and loving towards the world?

As we reflect towards the greatest light of all, our Lord Jesus Christ, and reflect on the courage that St. Lucy portrayed in her life, may we stand with open hearts and doors to welcome in Jesus to be the light and source of our entire being.

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