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The Importance of Saying, "Thank You"

I remember as a child, there were certain things my parents taught my siblings and I from a young age. The importance of a strong handshake, making eye contact with adults, and learning to say both “please” and “thank you.”

Simple ways of being kind and respectful - yet, they can also have spiritual implications as we look more closely at today’s Gospel passage.

Jesus is making his way towards Jerusalem - we all know what happened there. While he is en route, he passes through the region of Galilee and Samaria. Now, Jews would never travel through Samaria in those days. In fact, they would purposely take a longer way around the city so as not to deal with or acknowledge “second class Jews” who lived there.

But, Jesus? We know he handles things a bit differently.

Jesus intentionally goes to a place where he would not be welcomed or accepted - in doing so, he also encounters a group of 10 lepers - another group of people treated less than and were considered unworthy.

Jesus heals all 10 of the lepers. One, realizing he was instantly healed, ran back to Jesus - fell at his feet and poured out his heart in thanksgiving.

What happened to the other 9 lepers that were healed? What is the after story of their physical healing? You and I will never know, but we can use our imaginations.

And yet, Jesus praises the one man, who returned to say thank you.

When was the last time you thanked Jesus? Is this a spiritual practice you have ever considered before?

Perhaps this encounter of the leper and Jesus can be a gentle reminder to all of us, to not forgo thanking Jesus - the blessings and graces, but yes, also for the hardship and sufferings that touch our lives from time to time.

There is power in saying thank you - and yes, we have so much to be thankful for in our lives.


When not working in healthcare or writing, you can find Patty getting stronger at CrossFit, reading good books, and loving on her godchildren, niece, and nephew. She loves deep conversations at the intersection of faith, culture and ministry and using the art of storytelling to connect to people's hearts. Follow her Instagram here.

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