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We are often told we need to always be prepared. Whether that is for a work meeting, a presentation we are giving for class, or even just to prepare ourselves for bedtime. By why do we need to be prepared? What are we often preparing for with these daily situations? What’s our motivation to prepare at such lengths?

In today’s Gospel, John the Baptist is calling us to prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies for something a little different than what we usually prepare ourselves for. John asks us to prepare through way of repentance. For Catholics, repentance can often come with feelings of shame and guilt. But instead of reading today’s gospel through the lens of guilt, John seems to be inviting us to prepare for something much deeper by repenting. John the Baptist asks us to repent by way of reflecting deeply on the lives we live in order to better prepare to Jesus’ coming. Preparing for the coming of the Lord is not something we often we prepare for or think of preparing for.

In what ways are you preparing physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the coming of our Lord?

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