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Peace in the Chaos

While visiting the Church of the Nativity in September, I was stuck by the chaos-the un-orderly crowds pushing forward, the elbows, and overall mayhem as well inched forward, down the steps to the cave beneath the building where Peace was likely born. I reflected on this and a friend, @creatingtolove, responded with the idea that this chaos may well have been similar to what Mary experienced-crowds, pushing, mayhem. And yet Peace was born I the midst of the chaos.

And Peace continues to be born through us-in the midst of the chaos.

Spend a few moments today resting with this original painting, “Peace in the Chaos,” by @annabonnema

Can you feel the chaos swirling around? What does chaos sound like? What does chaos smell like?

Now, enter the space where Peace was born. Rest there for a few minutes. Can you feel the peace? What does peace sound like? What does peace smell like?

As we enter the last days of Advent, how might you find a space of peace in the chaos?

In her book, “The first advent in Palestine,” author Kelly Nikondeha says, “Advent was never just about seeing the star over Bethlehem, but about practicing hope in hard landscapes, where hope isn’t what we see-its what we do.”

As we approach the birth of Peace, how might you not only be hope, but also be peace? How might you create space for Peace to be born in your own life?

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