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Finding Peace

The leaves are falling and the evening darkness creeps ever earlier as the end of the liturgical year draws closer. In just a few more weeks, we will adorn our churches with purple in anticipation of the nativity of Jesus. It is easy, in this season, to feel the “toil and drudgery” of daily life to live the gospel. However, in the Eucharist we also can find peace and the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Who among us has not longed for peace? We pray for peace in our families, in our cities, and across the world. Our internal peace can be found by placing our trust in God, as we read in the psalm today. “In you, Lord, I have found my peace.” We must pray without ceasing to fully experience this in our own lives. We humbly place our trust in God as we pray.

In the Gospel today, Jesus reminds the disciples of the importance of staying humble. He reminds us that there are many around us who claim to offer the peace and gifts of the spirit. However, their practice is lacking due to the lack of truth. Their preaching does not match their actions; their words and titles are superficial. When anyone can be called “Father”, how do we know the truth?

We can raise ourselves out of the quagmire of daily life, the toil and drudgery of this season, by remembering that there is one Father in heaven. The false narratives and others using the name cannot bring us the same result. We must be humble and strive to follow the teachings of the Gospel every day. By receiving the Eucharist and placing our trust in God, we can find our peace. When we find our peace and humility, we are exalted in the kingdom.

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