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Some Mercy Now

“MERCY is NOT table fry sharing!” Almost twenty years after leaving our Mercy high school, my best friend and I still exchange this...

Love Forever Being Born

In November of 2022, I found myself silently weeping in the lobby of the University of Chicago Hospital, having just concluded my 38th...

Pride Month?

It’s the end of June 2023, and PRIDE month ended. I expect if you’re reading Wisdom's Dwelling, you’re already someone who recognizes...

Realizations of Divinity and Imperfection

Years ago, during a nativity program at church, my eldest son played the part of baby Jesus in the manger and of course, I was Mary, and...

Maybe I'm not that bad

Today's Readings The “Golden Rule” is supposed to be simple. 1) Love God, with all of you, 2) love others, as much as you love yourself....

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