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Loving Our Neighbor

Today's Readings For our first week in the new year, Jessica asks us to consider a new New Year's Resolution.

Realizations of Divinity and Imperfection

Years ago, during a nativity program at church, my eldest son played the part of baby Jesus in the manger and of course, I was Mary, and...

Do You Love Me?

The Gospel for today is packed with such rich imagery. From Peter leaping out of the boat into the sea to run to Jesus on the shore, to...

Dumplings, Companionship, & Passing Time

The first time I was pregnant, we called the baby ‘pierogi.’ As someone who loves to cook and shares that love with dear friends, we had...

The Nativity of Mary

Today's Readings Birth is a time that gives us the space to look back. Where have we come from? Matthew’s gospel begins with Jesus’...

Bringing Christ into the World

Bringing Christ into the World Mary sits on my mantle, crouched over an empty manger, waiting for a toddler to lay baby Jesus there on...

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