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Many have asked us for a streamlined way to stay up to date with the posts and content from Wisdom’s Dwelling. This will be a weekly email offering you the Sunday reflection, the past week’s highlights and any other content that might be of interest. You’ll soon also see our “classified” section where you can find more from our contributors - their sites, shops, and publications.

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Coming Soon – The Saints

I debated riffing off of the spiritual, When the Saints Come Marching In, but figured I’d leave the puns to others.

Beginning this month, you will see periodic posts highlighting saints, mostly women, and reflecting on their spirituality, influence, meaning, and relevance to today. These posts will be on the saint’s feast day. The Church selects a day significant for that saint, usually the day they died, but sometimes another day such as their birthday.

If you are unfamiliar with the process, here is a very simple explanation of the process of how a person becomes a saint, the canonization process. You’ll see at some points we highlight someone who is Blessed or Venerable, those are individuals who are on the way to being declared a saint.

Make sure you are following us on our social media accounts as we will be sharing some of the great quotes from these saints on their days too!

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