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Many have asked us for a streamlined way to stay up to date with the posts and content from Wisdom’s Dwelling. This will be a weekly email offering you the Sunday reflection, the past week’s highlights and any other content that might be of interest. You’ll soon also see our “classified” section where you can find more from our contributors - their sites, shops, and publications.

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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Ever have an idea that seems outrageous, too big, too much, but every time you set it aside, God sends you an emphatic nudge? Welcome to my outrageous idea.

Over the past few months I spent a considerable amount of time watching, reading, asking questions. What I came to understand is that while there are many places of Catholic women's spirituality and community, they often do not give space for the discussion of justice concerns or they rely on a passive, docile spirituality that belies the complexity and fire of the faithful women I know.

This site will continue to learn and grow. For now, I invite you to accompany us on our journey as we hope to accompany you. Please also share your thoughts, constructive criticism, and ideas for content. If you would be interested in contributing, please contact me directly at

I also invite you to keep me, the contributors, and this project in your prayers.

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